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quote-openJenny, a client of mine in her 50s, came to me following a period of upheaval and accompanying stress caused by bereavement and the breakdown of her marriage. Struggling to cope with the ongoing family and domestic demands of her life, she needed the support of a neutral adult and some time to focus on herself. I treated Jenny with a combination of reflexology to calm and balance her and nutritional advice to settle her digestion. As Jenny said I helped her to see that at a time of crisis – much as in an aircraft emergency – it was important for her to fit her own mask first so she was in a position to help her children.quote-close



shutterstock_125665139Reflexology combined with nutritional therapy can be used at many of the key points of a woman’s life. Reflexology helps to balance hormones therefore assisting with PMT, periods, natural conception or menopause. Alternatively both therapies can support a woman through times of stress or illness focussing on maintaining health and building in some much needed me-time.



Reflexology can support women in the following ways:

  • Balance hormones to reduce PMT
  • Alleviate painful and irregular periods
  • Reduce symptoms of menopause
  • Aid recovery from illness such as cancer or during chemotherapy
  • Improve skin problems through increased circulation
  • Improve symptoms of osteoporosis through improved circulation and digestion of nutrients
  • Increase vitality

Nutritional therapy ensures an optimal supply and digestion of nutrients, helping to improve health throughout a woman’s life.