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What is Reiki?

10-im-reiki_main_image-6752What is it?

Reiki as a healing system was developed in Japan in the 1920s; its roots however, can be traced back thousands of years.  Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, means “universal life-force energy.”  Life-force energy flows through our body and if this becomes low or blocked we are more likely to become ill. However, when our energy is high and free flowing we are generally more able to maintain our well-being.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, hands-on healing technique that uses energy to treat physical ailments and to balance us emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, enabling us to become whole.   It can be used safely by all ages, including the new born, pregnant mothers, the frail and the elderly.  There are no side-effects.


Stress characterised by worry, fear, anger or anxiety is one of the major causes of disruption and weakening of our life-force energy.


  • Aids and supports positive change, allowing us to respond more calmly to all events.
  • Aids relaxation and de-stresses our whole body