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quote-openA little while ago, Jacky from a local company called me. She was interested in taking positive action to counter a recent employee survey, which had revealed a high level of stress amongst employees due to recent changes within the company. She arranged for a reflexology taster session at the office in which ten of her staff took part. Afterwards, one lady remarked it had cured her headache, one man said it had improved his back pain and all agreed it had made their day.quote-close



In the workplaceIn 2011/2012 428,000 people reported suffering from stress in a HSE survey. This made up 40% of all work related illnesses. (Labour Force Survey.) Stress can lead to a number of effects in the workplace including a marked reduction in efficiency and accuracy and reduced physical performance. It can also lead to tiredness, irritability and a higher susceptibility to illness.
Reflexology can help counter stress in your company leading to significant benefits. Countries such as Denmark lead the way in this but many UK companies, shops, schools, hospitals and even football teams are now following their lead.
Your company can book a slot of a minimum 2 hours for me to visit you and work with your employees. This can be broken down into sessions of 20 minutes or more. If required I am happy to arrange an introductory session with management on the benefits of stress relief within the workplace.

Workplace stress



Reflexology can support your company in the following ways:

  • Increase morale and satisfaction amongst staff leading to better interpersonal relationships and a happier atmosphere
  • Aid concentration, efficiency and accuracy
  • Improve creativity and decision making
  • Increase staff resilience to pressure and illness, reduce absenteeism and speed recovery time.
  • Pain relief for stress headaches