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Children and Babies

quote-openAlice, the 12 year old daughter of a client of mine was going through a moody, non-talkative period and her mother convinced her to have a course of reflexology treatments. After a few short sessions, Alice began to open up and talk about her problems at school, specifically how she wanted to be in a dance group but lacked confidence in her physical ability. During her course of treatment, Alice experienced an increase in confidence and eventually even plucked up the courage to join a dance class. She felt that reflexology had also eased growing pains in her legs. Alice now in her 20’s still has the occasional treatment when she needs support through life changes after universityquote-close

Children and BabiesReflexology can be used to help children through a wide variety of situations at every life-stage. This ranges from soothing fractious babies, who are finding it difficult to sleep to easing puberty and growing pains in teenagers, whilst giving them a neutral adult to talk to. It can be especially helpful with special needs children as it forms an additional level of communication. I always involve parents in every consultation unless specifically requested not to and can teach you simple techniques to use at home.

Reflexology can support children and babies in the following ways – the list is not exhaustive:

  • Improve skin irritation
  • Alleviate a fever or infection
  • Assist in immune system development and respiratory ailments e.g. asthma – less frequent or less severe attacks, catching fewer colds
  • Relax and balance a child before bed – useful if there are issues with bed wetting
  • Calm down hyperactive children and energise sluggish children
  • Improve the attention span and restore mental alertness
  • Help ease growing pains
  • Lessen emotional swings and prompt the body to undergo hormonal changes more easily in puberty