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Men’s Health

quote-openImagine the scene – 20 men fresh from the rugby pitch having spent 2 hours running, scrumming in the mud and banging into each other – shower and head for where? The bar? No – for their group reflexology session where I work for two hours on conditions ranging from damaged feet to migraines. The verdict of all was “That was great”quote-close

All part of a new health awareness amongst men who traditionally have looked after themselves less and suffered from a higher level of stress than women. In fact, men still die younger than women in all European countries, due, experts believe to lifestyle and behaviour not genetics.

Men often see reflexology or reiki, as pamper treatments and not relevant for them, although in reality both treatments are scientifically based on the anatomy and energy flow of the body. However, I am now seeing an increasing number of male clients who build reflexology or reiki into their daily lives for a range of motivations from combating the physical strain of sport to feeling better prepared for their work and leisure.

Reflexology and reiki can support you in the following ways:

  • Aid relaxation and reduce stress
  • Revitalise energy by balancing the system and improving circulation
  • Help support the body to cleanse toxins and impurities
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Allow the body to heal other health problems by reducing tension

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