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quote-openLisa came to me when she was expecting her first baby. She told me of the wonderful range of emotions and feelings she was experiencing: excitement, anticipation, delight and also exhaustion, physical discomfort and a sense of being overwhelmed. I was able to help her maintain her balance throughout her pregnancy and she gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boyquote-close

shutterstock_172885232Many women want to plan for their pregnancy in all areas of their lives from practical considerations to nutrition and health. I recommend reflexology, which is safe for use by expectant mothers and will help with many aspects of pregnancy, making it a calm and positive experience.

Reflexology can support you in the following ways during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby:

  • Aid relaxation and reduce stress during the pregnancy when you will experience huge changes in hormone levels and may feel emotional.
  • Improve general well being during the second and third trimesters and relieve physical discomfort such as back and hip pain.
  • Help combat common conditions such as nausea, heartburn and constipation
  • Help your body to relax and prepare for labour
  • Reduce labour time in many women (Dr Jane McGrath and Dr Gowri Motha – Forest Gate London )
  • Relieve pain in labour for many women (Gabriella Bering Liisberg – Gentofte, Denmark 1989)